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What is The Weekend Academy?

It's an online place where smart, savvy professionals (like you) will come to...

  • Learn bite-sized career advancement skills and the mindset to speed-up your success and explore your full potential.
  • Receive mentorship on what's your next best action to advance in your career AND hand-holding on how to execute it.
  • Eventually, build a network of other growth-driven professionals who can support you in your career goals

Hello! I am Manasi Kakade, a Career Mastery Mentor and the founder of The Weekend Academy.

What exactly will we learn?

Here's what I have planned for you.

  • LinkedIn (e.g. What to look for while choosing your profile photo)
  • Salary negotiation (e.g. How to research your salary range)
  • High performance mindset (e.g. How to set goals that you feel excited to achieve, productivity tools)
  • Communication and presentation skills (e.g. 3 questions you should ask your boss on the first day of your new job)
  • Leadership (e.g. How to facilitate a productive meeting)

BUT... (Yes, this plan comes with a big BUT. ;))

This academy is for YOU! So YOU will always have a say on what you want to learn. If there's something else that's more time-sensitive for you, we will focus on that first.

Check out the trainings we have already had since December in the "Course Curriculum" below. You can also preview one of the masterclasses for free. :)

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"What I love the most about Manasi's coaching is that after every session she has simple and clear action items laid out for you which makes the progress so much easier and faster.

I started working with Manasi to improve my LinkedIn presence but what I got out of it is so much more - from clarity on my career goals to a path with next actions to lead me to my dream career! I now feel confident and empowered.

I told Manasi that her motto ought to be “helping people move forward faster”, because that's the essence of what she does. "

- Cindy P., Sales Solutions Consultant + Aspiring Sales Trainer

"Joining The Weekend Academy has been one the best decisions. It feels more like taking control of your situation and being more confident about yourself.

I have followed Manasi’s posts on career, series of gratitude on her blog and the Facebook group. I am amazed by the simplicity and authenticity she possess and the urge to light up every individual on her way. She makes herself available to resolve any burning questions.

The classes are helping me find the real happiness, strength and core values. The goal setting exercise has helped in personal life too. You will want to thrive with every video that Manasi shares. It's an immense opportunity to connect with the circle of other members, and learn from their experiences as well.

Manasi's smile and positivity are infectious. It's such a pleasure to be in The Weekend Academy, and enjoy this journey :)"

- Vanita M., DevOps Engineering Professional

The Weekend Academy is built on 3 core values:

1. Big results are the outcome of a series of next best actions.

People lose motivation if they don't see a clear path. How many times have you taken on a new project with immense enthusiasm but a few weeks later, stopped looking at it?. Happens to the best of us because we get stuck in the cycle of inaction, no results, no clarity, and hence lack of motivation to take an action.

That's why in The Weekend Academy, all the trainings will be designed to give you the momentum by taking one small action at a time. There will be clear guidelines on not just what's your next best action but also how to execute it. Step-by-step, tried and tested actions. All you do is take your next best action, and keep up the momentum.

Before you know, you will have a LinkedIn profile that you are proud to share or you would develop a solid case to ask for a raise or you will be ready to deliver your annual team performance report.

2. Mentorship is your right, not a privilege of the elite.

We are talking about mentorship on how to grow in your career.

Just recently, I was talking to a friend about her breakthrough at her current company. She is a talented engineer but wasn't given an opportunity to move further in a leadership role for years. At first, she thought it was her skill level. Maybe I should get an MBA so she did. But her boss wouldn't give her the type of projects she wanted.

Knowing this background, I asked her, "What changed?" Her answer, "I found a mentor! He told me how to ask for it the right way. I wish I had met him in 2010. I would have saved 7 years of struggle and would already be far ahead."

Unfortunately, this scenario is not rare. There are way too many professionals who have the talent and drive to succeed and desire to learn and take action but they just don't knowwhat that action can be.

It took me a long time to realize the privilege I have had right from my childhood - being surrounded by successful, ambitious mentors who were willing to take me under their wings. (2 CEOs in the family, 2 VPs as workplace mentors - including a woman, and several entrepreneurs in my circle).

But mentorship shouldn't be a game of chance or a privilege. What if my uncle wasn't a CEO or I wouldn't have met a woman who is a VP? I don't like those odds.

That's why The Weekend Academy will serve as a mentor to anybody who is willing to learn and take action.

3. Sustainable and satisfying professional growth isn't possible without the personal growth.

I have met women who want to negotiate a salary but don't ask for it because they haven't built the confidence to do so. Or a manager who would be considered "successful" but have lost total interest in what she does. Or this talented woman who's stuck in a dead-end job because she doesn't have clarity on what she really wants to do next.

Do you see a pattern here?

I can teach you all the strategies and tips in the world, but if you don't have the clarity on what you want, confidence that you can get it, and the discipline to see it through, you won't be able to see the results from those strategies.

That's why in The Weekend Academy, we will not only learn the skills but also the mindset and attitude to make sure you see the results from your newly acquired skills.

The Weekend Academy = Professional Development + Personal Growth

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One day, I was chatting with my mentor in his office – a big corner office with a beautiful view of the Charles river and downtown Boston.

"How’s work?", he asked.

Suddenly I felt the pain in my head. It felt like there is a heavy rock in my chest. My throat was all choked up. I could burst into tears at any moment. There was this tight fullness in the throat, but I had the resistance because I was trying to stop it from happening.

"I am so frustrated. I have these ideas that I know for sure will benefit our company. If implemented our whole team would get a lot more done, and will do it much better. I know the ideas are great but my boss never listens to me. That’s ruining the whole team’s output.

When we have team meetings, it feels like a drag or it feels like a battle. All we do is prepare boring reports and present what we did. Nothing of substance is even discussed in these meetings so nothing gets done.

Whenever I try to bring up a new idea, my boss thinks, those are stupid. He either shoots them down or ridicules me. He makes snarky remarks in front of other people, "Oh, that’s the last thing we need."

No matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to get through to him. I hate this job!

No! I don’t actually hate this job. I love what I do. YOU know that.

But I hate that this job is forcing me to do a mediocre version of what I have the potential to do.

I am good at marketing. I really am. But I don’t have an outlet for it. I am stuck with this job that’s boring and stupid, and I feel like it’s not going to go anywhere.

It makes me feel helpless, and angry. Not just at my boss, but angry at myself.

Why am I in this company? Why am I wasting my time here?

But every time, I think about looking for a new job, I don’t know when it would happen. I am so exhausted. I leave the house at 6 in the morning and get back home at 6 in the evening. Then I have only 3 hours left because if I don’t sleep on time, I will be a wreck.

And in those 3 hours, I am so emotionally drained that I can’t even think about applying for other jobs.
- I wish I was in a company where people appreciate the team they have hired and pay attention to their ideas. After all, they pay us for that!
- I wish I had picked a better company where I could come up with new creative ways, and implement them.
- I wish I had listened to all the red flags that came up in the interview.
- But most of all I wish someone could teach me how to talk to my boss right NOW.

I feel like there’s a key but I don’t have that key. I see other colleagues, including a woman, whom the boss always listens to. He supports all her projects. Then why not mine? I don’t know what she is doing differently.

She even gets the CEO to listen to her. I feel like there’s this elite group of people who have this key that makes even the CEO listen and I don’t have it.

This is all so stressful! When I am at work, I constantly feel like I want to cry.

I get easily triggered and I am emotionally drained.

And you know what I wonder the most?
- I wonder, how I can make myself more resilient so I can deal with all this BS without being so emotionally on the edge all the time?
- How can I not be drained so I can stay strong? Because little things that bother me so much, I wish they didn’t.

I feel like if I was stronger, I could learn what I need to learn, to find out what that key is. I know some people have it. I see it. I know I can learn it. But I just don’t know what it is and I don’t have the mental capacity to find it out.

I am exhausted, tired, and ready to give up."

After giving me a minute to pull myself together, my mentor asked me,

"Have you talked to your boss about it?"

"WHAT??? He doesn’t even listen to me now. What makes you think he would even be open to sit down and talk about THIS?"

"Manasi, what you get depends on HOW you ask. If you position your discussion and your ask right, he will open up. In fact, there’s a way of asking which will make him feel grateful that you asked.

As for the listening, ask for a raise. When you get paid more, you are valued more."

"No way!!! He doesn’t even like the work I do now, my ideas, or my projects. Why in the world, would he pay me more??? He will be upset I even asked ."

"Just do me a favor, try it out. There’s no harm in trying, right?", he added.

When I agreed, he shared with me how to have this conversation, when to ask for a raise, and how to position my raise.

It took me 2 weeks to muster up the courage to have the conversation with my boss. I distinctly remember the feeling as I walked out of the conference room with my boss.

My cheeks were hurting because I was smiling so much! I felt like my eyes were sparkling. There was a lightness in my chest. My shoulders had finally gone down. I could feel in my feet that I want to jump, I want to move, I want to glide! My heart was full in a way that feels light and open.

"Yes! I got this! THIS is how you do it! I made it happen!

And it was SO simple. Why didn’t I do this before?

This is a lesson I have learned for a lifetime. This is going to help me build relationships with anybody I want."

I saw total shift in my boss’ energy and demeanor. Now when I approached him, instead of being closed and reserved, he was open. He would laugh and chat with me as if I am one from the "elite group".

He started sharing his challenges and asking for my feedback! This was no longer about me presenting my ideas. This had turned into him coming to me, asking ME what I think. I had become his right-hand person - not just in coming up with ideas, but in helping him talk to his boss. He was coming to ME for advice.

The thing I didn’t know how to do, I was now advising my superior on.

None of this could have happened, had I not talked to my mentor, had he not given me that one counter-intuitive nugget of wisdom, had I not seen my next action to take charge of my situation.

Your situation may be different. But I can assure you, a good mentor will help you figure it out. You don’t have to do it all on your own. You don’t have to remain frustrated. Go, get a mentor.

When we feel stuck, it feels like we have to climb a mountain to get to the other side. But that’s often not the case. Often the way out is simpler than we think, but we just don’t know it yet. All it takes is one different action, and it starts a chain reaction of favorable outcomes. That one small tweak changes everything over time.

So find a person who is ahead of you in this journey, who is willing to help you in your career growth, whom you love spending time with.

Get their help. Seek their guidance.

They will help you ask the right questions, and show your next best steps.

A mentor can be a senior person at work, or a friend in a different industry, or a mastermind. But promise me, you will find a mentor because even without you realizing it, the solution to many of your problems is having that mentorship.

And if you like my style, what I talk about resonates with you, I will be honored to serve as your virtual mentor.

That’s why I have created The Weekend Academy.

Here anybody and everybody can have a mentor without having to look for them. You will learn bite-sized skills and mindset shifts, even before you think you need them. I will help you ask the questions you don’t even know, you need to ask. I will not just tell you what your next steps should be but will handhold you in taking those.

So if your heart is screaming right now, "I WANT THIS!", click on the link below to get started.

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If all this sounds exciting to you, I WANT YOU IN!

I would love for you to become a member of The Weekend Academy, and help me to develop it based on your needs.

I love working with driven individuals who are constant learners because I have seen just how much impact they are capable of making. Let me help you make that impact. Let me help you fast track your success rather than wasting time in figuring it all out on your own. Let me help you realize your true potential.

Click the button below to get started with your monthly subscription, Netflix but for your career advancement. (By the way, if you have already heard me speak or are familiar with my teachings, you can even buy an annual subscription which will give you 2 months free!)

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"With Manasi's training, I was promoted to be a Director of Engineering, and negotiated a 20% increase in my base pay and a 20% performance based bonus.

I thought I was good at negotiation since I routinely negotiate with vendors on my company's behalf. However, Manasi's workshop opened my eyes on how much I didn't know about negotiation.

She gave lots of tips on how to first figure out your own value in the company, understand the different leverages that you have to control (think beyond base pay), how to not settle for the first offer that comes around and negotiating through multiple rounds, and finally understanding when it's time to stop negotiating and either settle or move on.

I want to acknowledge the large part Manasi has played in my recent negotiation process."

- KD, Director of Engineering


Here's how your learning experience will be:

There are 3 main components that are designed to give you the flexibility of learning with opportunity to customize it to your needs.

1. Recorded video trainings (Based on your needs, I will start building the library of content which is accessible to you from the comfort of your own home.)

2. Private Facebook group (This is a great place to ask me questions as you implement what you have learned.)

3. Live mentorship calls (Monthly, group calls where you can talk to me live and together, we will decide your next best action.

So what do you say? Are you ready to get started?

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The Weekend Academy is a great investment for you if...

  • You know you have the talent to succeed, and drive to make an impact through your work but you aren't getting a leadership position or a raise or the type of job responsibilities that you deserve
  • You are a learner but you don't have days or months to waste on Google to find out how to negotiate a salary or the best practices in LinkedIn branding

  • You are too busy to carve time out for your career development even though you know how important it is. But you are willing to invest an hour a week

  • You understand that developing the right mindset is the key to high performance at work and exploring your full potential in life

If you said "yes" to all the above, then rest assured, you are going to love The Weekend Academy.

Are you ready to take charge of your career? I will show you how - 1 small step at a time.

If you are ready, now is the time to join me.

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"I really enjoyed Manasi’s warm, professional teaching style, and greatly appreciated her in-depth knowledge.

Contacting Manasi for help with my LinkedIn profile and resume was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had tried a variety of books and online tutorials before that but it didn't fulfill my needs.

In just 4 sessions, Manasi helped me reflect my newly acquired degree and my most valuable skills through my brand that had been hidden under a busy outdated format.

If you want to bring your personal brand in the 21st century, call Manasi. You will be glad you did!"

- Robin S., Resource Manager + Aspiring Entrepreneur

Your Instructor

Manasi Kakade
Manasi Kakade

Hello! I am your instructor, Manasi Kakade. I am a Career Mastery Mentor and the founder of The Weekend Academy. It's an online space designed for professionals who enjoy learning and developing - professionally and personally. They are driven to use their talents to bring a change they want to see in the world.

In The Weekend Academy, you can learn bite-sized professional development skills and mindset over a weekend and start implementing the next week. It's designed to drive you to execute your next best action, speed up your success, and explore your full potential with confidence.

Over the last 13 years, I have made a transition from being an Engineer to a Social Media Marketer to now an Entrepreneur – each time seeing more success and joy than before, and serving and impacting this world through my innate gifts.

It's my honor that you are here reading this. I look forward to helping you realize how you can use your gifts to serve and change the world around you - one small step at a time!


You won't believe how easy it is to try out The Weekend Academy!

It's a monthly subscription. Think, Netflix, but for your career advancement. :)

The sole purpose of this program is to make career advancement and mentorship accessible to everybody. You can try out my teachings for the first moth, for less than what you would pay for 2 dinners!

If you aren't happy, you don't have to renew it the next month. No questions asked, no feelings hurt. I don't take it personally so don't worry. Just try it out because if you do love this, it will pay off big time in terms of a confident, fulfilling career growth and peace of mind.

So what are you waiting for?

Help me build The Weekend Academy, and I will help you grow your career! Let's do this!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an annual subscription or just month-to-month?
YES, there is an annual subscription option. In fact, you will get two months FREE if you pay once a year. Here's what I would recommend though: 1. If you have not heard me speak or aren't familiar with my coaching, I recommend you try out the monthly subscription, first. What if you don't like my style? (It happens. I don't take it personally.) It's just a smart way to think. 2. If you are already familiar with my teaching AND love it, then annual subscription is THE smartest option. You will get 2 months for free! Why not, right?
Can I sign up anytime?
NO! The enrollment for the weekend academy will be opened only a few times a year. So if you don't sign up now, you will have to wait until the next time.
How much time should I schedule for learning the material?
I recommend that you take 1 action per week or at least 3 a month. That way your progress becomes regular and you get into a habit. I expect your monthly time investment will be about 4-5 hours. In most cases, all the actions are included in the trainings so other than watching the video, you don't need to plan extra time for the action. You have unlimited access to all the trainings so you are welcome to do more or less depending on your schedule that month. The library of educational materials will always be available to you.
When does the training start?
You will receive the access to The Weekend Academy within 24 hours of joining the course. Once you are in, you have unlimited access to all the trainings. You can view them whenever you want. I release new trainings regularly so I highly encourage you to save an hour every week to get at least 1 training done to keep up the momentum.
What if I cannot finish a training one month?
Just because the new trainings are released every month, doesn't mean you have to finish it that month. (Although I encourage it.) You will have access to all the trainings as long as you are a member of The Weekend Academy. You customize your learning to your need, schedule, goals. So if a month is busy, you may just attend a the group mentorship call and talk to me live. On the other hand, you may have built up momentum and want to do more than usual. Then you may end up doing 3 trainings in 1 week! That's the flexibility you will always have. (But don't be surprised if you hear from me when I don't see you for a while,.) It's my job as a mentor to make sure you aren't stuck. OK? :) )
What if I am unhappy with my investment? Do I get a refund?
No. Due to the nature of these trainings, I cannot provide any refunds. That's why I have created this offering at such a low price. (Career advancement skills for less than the price of 2 dinners). You can easily try it out, right? If you are unhappy at any time, there is no contract, you can cancel your subscription. You won't be charged for the next payment period.
Is this only for the employees in the USA?
No. Most of the principles and strategies will work in most cultures. However, there's will always be some that are particular to certain cultures. If you will use this while working outside the USA, make sure you first see if there are any cultural differences that you need to take into account. e.g. Negotiating varies quite a bit from country to country but LinkedIn or goal setting doesn't. If you do decide to join, you can always ask me about it in the Facebook group or the live call. I love talking about cultural differences and how they affect work. (Now that I think about it, I may even include this as trainings in The Weekend Academy. It's a great skill to have in the global economy. :) )

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